The crawl space – the place nobody wants to go – but we will! Crawl spaces can become less energy efficient over time, especially if your crawl space becomes infested with pests (rodents, raccoons, and bugs). Pest infestations in crawl spaces bring the added frustration of pests infiltrating the rest of your home on top of decreasing your home’s energy efficiency. We will take the time to identify the issue for your crawl space whether it is decreased efficiency or pests (or both) and resolve your issue with new energy efficient insulation. While just the process of removing old insulation from a crawl space is a time consuming and dirty process, we have the team and experience to handle it for you!

Crawl Space Exclusion

After investing the time and resources into a crawl space remediation, we want you to get the most out of your investment for years to come! We follow a very specific process called “crawl space exclusion” to help reduce the chance that pests will infest your newly insulated crawl space. Depending on your crawl space layout, here are some target areas we focus on in a crawl space exclusion:

  • Access Holes
  • Vents & Screens
  • Doors & Entry points
  • Foundation & joist cracks
  • Pipe gaps
  • And more!